2021: During the Pandemic

2021: In May Jonathan contributed to the Pleasance/Vault Festival’s Fringe Futures event with his workshop on ‘building an ad-hoc company into a viable business’.

In April Jonathan participated in a week of workshops with Angel Exit Theatre collaborating with Newfoundland Actors laying the foundations for a new show concerning the experience of Dorset fishermen who travelled to Canada to work in the Cod industry.

In early 2021 Jonathan Holloway was due to travel to East Asia to work with Hong Kong’s Chung Ying Theatre Company to again direct his much admired version of Tale of Two Cities : Blood For Blood. (please go to 2016 to see details of the production). Previously performed in English with a British cast in HK’s Amphitheatre and Pleasance Beyond at the Edinburgh Festival, this revival was to be in Cantonese (translator, Dominic Cheung) and was due to open in April at the HK Cultural Centre, then transfer to the new Hadid opera house in Guangzhou, but was postponed because of Covid-19. It is now rescheduled for 2023.