2020: THE TIME MACHINE on the Eve of the Pandemic

2020: Jonathan was commissioned by Creation Theatre Company to create a contemporary re-imagining of H G Well’s THE TIME MACHINE written to be a site specific performance at the London Library and the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. The Pandemic shut down the live show one week into its 10 week run, and Creation Theatre re-mounted it as an online show.

“Jonathan Holloway’s story deconstructs the original novel to creative effect and uses a sparse cast and modern technology to explore moral puzzles… issues are also raised around the blurry lines between science and money and between science and the law… we are now in an alternative timeline where Oliver Hardy gave up the comedy shtick to become a noted physicist and Jean-Paul Gaultier is a computer engineer living in Birmingham”
– * * * * londonist.com
“a proper immersive experience” – * * * * theatreweekly.com
“this production is astoundingly and unnervingly prophetic… a thought-provoking and bang-up-to-date production that is so zeitgeisty it feels like the zeitgeist itself”
– * * * * northwestend.co.uk
“packed full of ideas… an enjoyable and thought-provoking new take on a classic story with the added bonus of a unique historic space” – * * * BritishTheatre.com
“bonkers, brilliant and just a bit too close to the bone! An interactive adventure through an amazing building” – TheFamilyStage
Jonathan Holloway has adapted the father of science fiction’s best-seller into such a relevant immersive piece, it was as though it was written yesterday, or rather, tomorrow…. this production is astoundingly and unnervingly prophetic” – * * * * northwestend.co.uk
“always hugely literate and has a questing intelligence” – Lyn Gardner, Stagedoor
“brilliant” – * * * sardinesmagazine.co.uk
“an event that offers a unique adventure” – * * * * londonlivinglarge.com “We are whisked to alternate timelines where Wells wrote The Origin of the Species and Darwin wrote The Time Machine, where silent film comedy actor Oliver Hardy is a physicist and where Jean-Paul Gaultier is creating electronic music in Birmingham…. Thrilling” – * * * * bemyguest.org.uk
“it’s an eye opening bit of writing, that draws you in by showing you an idea of what the world would look like in the near future if something isn’t done” – * * * * withinherwords.co.uk