2003: The Legend of King Arthur

Adapted and Directed by Jonathan Holloway
Choreographed by Paul Sadot of Urban Expansions & Capoeira Norte
Designed by Neil Irish
Music by Jon Nicholls


“It sometimes comes about that as a mans life lengthens the sins of the past gain significance and break him down…”

To celebrate their 21st year at the forefront of touring theatre Red Shift turns its hand to the mass of fable and legend that is King Arthur; a world of passionate love affairs, treachery and revenge, a world torn apart by the contradictions bewteen power and responsibility.

Do not expect a cosy rendition of a tale made familiar through repetition. Arthur’s Utopian Camelot is set in a sleek new world, where battle scenes will be enacted through the martial art form Capoeira, against a thunderous mix of cutting-edge beats and traditional Brazilian rhythms. Embracing the legend’s spirituality and violence, exploring themes of sin redemption and betrayal, Red Shift will prove this is a story worth telling again and again…