1997: Les Miserables

By Victor Hugo
Adapted and Directed by Jonathan Holloway
Designed by Neil Irish
Music by Paul Clark


Paris 1832. Angry crowds swarm in the street. A tinder box atmosphere. Jean Valjean, a fugitive from the law, has transformed himself from petty criminal to wealthy industrialist and moral guardian of a child – Cosette. Relentlessly pursued by the obsessive Inspector Javert, Valjean attempts to save his precious new world from discovery and ruin. How can he protect Cosette and still maintain his new identity? How can he stand the pain of parting if her safety and happiness depend on it?

This new version of a truly great novel was one of Red Shift’s most celebrated touring productions. Characterised by changes of mood from knock-about comedy to moments of almost unbearable emotion, this life-affirming roller coaster evening caught the imagination of audiences throughout the country – audiences who cheered the committment and energy of a remarkable ensemble.

With live music influenced by Breton Folk and Urban Jazz, Red Shift’s Les Miserables combined the essence of 19th century France with the colours, anger and energy of contemporary street culture.